I.S.M. Projects

The ISM is currently in its conceptual development stage, but in 2018 we aim to launch the first of our service solutions.

Aside from networking with dozens of independence campaigns, we’re also in discussions with various security experts, techies, program developers and cryptography geeks; our aim is to provide a complete service solution, to help secure the communications and internet needs of the emergent secessionary movements, world-wide.

The first of these services and our main focus presently is a secure web, email and telecommunication platform. Including Web-Hosting, Secure browsing, Email, VoIP and eventually our own encrypted, piggy-backed mobile phone network.

We’re also investigating the possibility of using Software Defined Radio to establish regionalised Comms-systems (rCS) that would be as secure as any governmental or civil infrastructure currently in operation.

Exciting times at the ISM – so if you have any related knowledge, experience or a desire to help with the networking and promotion- please don’t hesitate to get in contact!